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  • Tornado Cash, Sanctions and Regulations

    Tornado Cash, Sanctions and Regulations

    As I return from Las Vegas, I’ve been reflecting on some spirited debates I had around the topic of regulation and sanctions related to the Web3 space. This is a highly contentious topic, especially around decentralized finance. So, I thought I’d jot down a quick note of my thoughts on the subject. I delivered a… Read more

  • NFTs Are Not About Art

    NFTs Are Not About Art

    What if I told you there was an investment opportunity where you were almost guaranteed to lose money? What if I told you that this technology allows for someone to airdrop you unsolicited d**k picks, and instead of burning them or being upset, you end up hanging on to them in the hopes that someday… Read more

  • Social and Privacy Risks With The Metaverse

    Social and Privacy Risks With The Metaverse

    By now, you’ve probably heard the term metaverse or the fact that Facebook is rebranding itself to Meta. Metaverse is the hot new buzzword that companies will continue to latch onto. If you are unfamiliar with the metaverse concept, The Verge had a recent article about it called, What Is The Metaverse and Do I… Read more

  • Technology and the Death of Novelty

    Technology and the Death of Novelty

    While out for a jog the other day, I noticed an older man on a large motorcycle blasting Dubstep obnoxiously loud to the entire neighborhood. The transmission ended when he turned off the bike, but he sat there for a moment with a Sad Keanu look on his face before dismounting and disappearing into his… Read more

  • Drone Deliveries and Surveillance Capitalism

    Drone Deliveries and Surveillance Capitalism

    What do you think of when you think of companies like UPS, FedEx, and Amazon? Most likely, you think of logistics, packages, and maybe the occasional present you don’t remember ordering because of… reasons. You don’t think of mass surveillance, but that might change in the not-so-distant future. New data sources are on the horizon… Read more

  • PSA: Don’t Get Your Kid a Pet Rabbit

    PSA: Don’t Get Your Kid a Pet Rabbit

    I know this isn’t related to tech, but it’s something important to me, so please forgive the quick PSA. As we approach Easter, it is the season where people get pet rabbits for their children. Don’t do it. They are a commitment you aren’t prepared for. Most people have no idea what is required of… Read more