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  • The Cult of Conspiracy Theory

    The Cult of Conspiracy Theory

    I’ve written about conspiracy theories and the tech that spreads them in the past, but I feel the subject needs some revisitation after 2020. 2020 was troubling, with businesses shutting down, people out of work, and looming fear for many people. People with less to do spent more time glued to digital devices. This increased… Read more

  • Deepfakes: A Different Threat Than You Thought

    Deepfakes: A Different Threat Than You Thought

    I wanted to start my refreshed blog with a post on Deepfakes, but probably not highlighting the threat you expect. For the past couple of years, I’ve said the real threat from Deepfakes is different from the one discussed most of the time. There’s a lot of handwaving and hype focused on one specific threat,… Read more

  • Relaunch: Introducing Perilous Tech

    Relaunch: Introducing Perilous Tech

    2020 has been a hell of a year, but unfortunately, the precedent set by this year will continue its downward trajectory. People spent far too much time with technology and far less time reading. This disconnection led to a break with reality where people burned down 5G towers and believed that a major company was… Read more

  • Dangers of Curated Content

    Dangers of Curated Content

    You woke up this morning, sat up in bed and grabbed your device to … well … do just about anything. As soon as you opened it, you most likely ran into some form of content that was curated for you. Welcome to the Internet of you.   Do you know that your version of… Read more

  • This Week In Offended: Netflix

    So this week Netflix was on the target of some people’s social justice radar. The source was the following tweet. Read more

  • Positivity: Just as Toxic as Negativity

    Positivity: Just as Toxic as Negativity

    Are you a person who’s decided to cut toxic people out of your life? Maybe to you, that means you go on to Facebook and just delete the people that post stuff you don’t like. Regardless of your meaning, I’m pretty sure that 100% of the time this is removing people viewed as negative. I’d… Read more