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  • ChatGPT Reaches Social Contagion Status

    ChatGPT Reaches Social Contagion Status

    On a daily basis, I’m bombarded by fantastical news stories and email articles about ChatGPT and how 2023 is the year it’s going to replace “X” job or profession. It seems that no profession is safe. It reminds me of the Dewie The Bear scene from the movie Semi Pro where Will Ferrell screams, “Everybody… Read more

  • Good Enough is Fine: This Year AI Displaces Creatives

    Good Enough is Fine: This Year AI Displaces Creatives

    2023 is going to be an interesting year for generative AI. Past the demos of the previous year, there’s going to be a big push on monetization. This application and integration into products will have a displacing effect and this effect will have a disproportionate impact on certain areas, mainly in the creative arts. Note:… Read more

  • You Should Read 1984 in 2023

    This may seem like an odd book recommendation for 2023. After all, the book is 74 years old. Maybe you, like myself, read it when you were in school and felt that you’d gained all the insights from reading and classroom discussions. Do you remember any of those? I know I didn’t. Revisiting a text… Read more

  • ChatGPT Generates Amateur Futurists

    ChatGPT Generates Amateur Futurists

    Scour the web and social media for reactions to OpenAI’s ChatGPT and you’ll notice a trend. Everyone’s now a futurist. The tech crystal ball has revealed to droves of people, regardless of background and experience a future where you can ask for technical content in the style of Shakespeare or even write college essays for… Read more

  • NextGen Crypto Wallet Pneumonic Generated Art

    NextGen Crypto Wallet Pneumonic Generated Art

    The art world needs a revolution! A revolution fueled by randomness. Forget predictable brush strokes and perfect technique. Let’s just throw some words into the grinder, add the element of danger and see what happens. Why not? It’s Friday, it’s been a long week, and I needed a laugh, so I give you this gem.… Read more

  • AI is Coming For Your Job, But Your Hobbies are First

    AI is Coming For Your Job, But Your Hobbies are First

    The utopian promise of AI and automation was to free humanity up for more enjoyable pursuits, such as hobbies, but it seems AI is coming for these more enjoyable pursuits first. We’ve seen an explosion in machine learning models focused on creative activities that we normally associate with humans, such as writing a story, creating… Read more