Perilous Tech

Occasional thoughts on technology and social issues

2020 has been a hell of a year, but unfortunately, the precedent set by this year will continue its downward trajectory. People spent far too much time with technology and far less time reading. This disconnection led to a break with reality where people burned down 5G towers and believed that a major company was shipping children in their furniture. What would cause otherwise rational people to believe these ridiculous things? The answer to this question and much more is something I’m hoping to cover. My hope is that I can shed some light on some of these issues and the role technology plays in their propogation. If you are like me, the situation is incredibly frustrating.

Rather than continue to complain about it, I decided to relaunch my personal blog under a new banner. Introducing Perilous Tech. This blog will look at technical and social issues giving people food for thought about current and future threats. Threats are essential to highlight because history shows us that people aren’t good at anticipating threats they haven’t encountered yet. On the contrary, thoughts of threats and connections with emerging technologies are on my mind daily.

I love technology and feel it offers humanity many advantages, but we cannot ignore the dark side. We don’t need killer robots for technology to cause us harm. Purposeful misuse and unintentional consequences are causing damage today and will continue to cause harm in the future. 

I’ll keep this short and add new content soon. Thanks, and I hope you find the content useful.

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